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Keep your clients on track and in treatment

Nutrition therapy is crucial to eating disorder recovery. However, clients are more likely to drop out of treatment if they aren’t following their meal plans. This is a partnership and we’re here for you, just as much as we’re here for your clients.

How it works

Our meal plans utilize a flexible version of the exchange system and contain a specialized number of servings of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Invite your clients

Create your free account and add your clients. Once you add a client, they will automatically receive an email with a link to sign up and get started.

Pick a plan

Select ameal plan meets your client’s needs. You can change the meal plan at any time and your clients won’t have access to any nutritional information.

Track progress

We recommend your clients order meals during your session. This makes it easy to keep clients accountable. You can add notes in your client’s profile to document progress!

Created by someone who understands your patients

I stopped meeting with the first Dietitian I worked with after two months. I couldn't follow my meal plan and figured: what's the point? This was early in my recovery, and the eating disorder was desperately trying to convince me that staying sick was worth it. I wanted an excuse to stop, and not being able to follow a meal plan was an easy way out. Nutriste is helpful for any stage of recovery, but especially at the beginning. If I had access to a service that essentially did everything for me - portioning, prepping, preparing - I firmly believe I would have stayed in nutrition therapy. It is almost impossible to fully recover from an eating disorder without a Dietitian’s help. Easy access to specialized meals may seem small, but it makes an enormous impact. It keeps people in treatment.

Why should you join Nutriste?

Sign up now and add us to your team.


Let us do the heavy lifting

Feature one

Reduce the number of decisions your client has to make.

By removing the overwhelm that comes with deciding what to eat and when to eat it, your clients can focus on the education and expert guidance you provide to heal their relationship with food.


Increase variety

Feature two

Leave the safe foods behind

Our menu is constantly expanding and we have options for every stage of recovery. Whether your client is just getting started or they’re ready to face fear foods, our recipes are designed to meet them where they are.


Practice flexibility

Feature three

Help your clients achieve independence

We recommend starting off with a full plan - 21 meals per week to practice exposure in a practical, tailored way. As your clients progress, you can gradually reduce the number of meals they order.


Eleminate caregiver stress

Feature four

Take the burden off the parents

Caring for someone in recovery is a full-time job, and preparing specific meals and portioning correctly can be just as overwhelming for families as it is for clients. We’ll handle the food and give the caregivers a break.

When we work together, everyone wins

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What can we help you with?

Can I change my client’s meal plan?

Yes, you can change their meal plans weekly.

How do I add clients?

You can add clients’ information through your portal. Once you add a client, they will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to create an account.

Does Nutriste provide nutrition information to clients?

No, meal plans and calorie information are provided to Dietitians only.

Is there a cost for Dietitians to join?

No, there is no cost to sign up or invite your clients.

Still have questions?

We have answers.

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